What Does Your Eye Color Say About Your Personality?

Eyes are the windows to the soul, poets tell us, and it seems that science agrees. A study at Orebro University in Sweden found that you don't have to look deeply into somebody's eyes to find out about them — it's right there on the surface. According to their research, you can actually tell a lot about people by the color of their eyes. More specifically, different patterns in the iris suggest warmth, impulsiveness, or gullibility, and those patterns also build the color in our eyes. The research team compared the personality traits of 428 people with their eye colors to see how well they matched up. The researchers attributed the phenomenon to genes: the genes responsible for how the iris develops also help to build the frontal lobe of the brain, which plays a role in personality. 
So, what does your eye color actually say about you?

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes indicate strength, both in terms of muscles and emotions. While others might think that people with soft blue eyes are weak or timid, they in fact sport surprising power. Blue-eyed women are believed to weather anxiety and depression better, and seem to experience less pain in childbirth. 

Brown Eyes

The most common eye color is associated with agreeability and leadership. Maybe it's the serious look from darker eyes, but people often want to follow someone with brown eyes. 

Green Eyes

Competent and calm, green eyes are associated with performance under pressure and creativity. Better still, people with green eyes are often considered alluring and mysterious, and maybe even sexy

Hazel Eyes

Such an uncommon shade for eyes seems to lead many to believe having hazel eyes makes them special. They're prone to impulsiveness and spontaneity, they're independent and unpredictable - in short, they're full of surprises.

Gray Eyes

The rarest shade of eyes is also the most difficult to get to know. It's really a lighter shade of blue, and it indicates reason and balance, with a hint of wildness. People with gray eyes can throw up defenses and make you work to get to know them, but it's usually worth it.

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